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Steve Harris Reveals What He Told His Children When They Opened for Iron Maiden With Their Bands

During a recent interview with the Buffalo News, Iron Maiden bassist and bandleader, Steve Harris, spoke about his kids opening for the band with their own groups.

In the past, Steve’s daughter Lauren Harris got to open for Maiden on the “Somewhere Back in Time” and “The Final Frontier” tours. Now, George Harris and his band Raven Age are the opening act on the ongoing “Legacy of the Beast” live trek.

Asked on how it feels having his kids “carrying on the family business,” the musician replied: “I’m proud of them. That’s a tough gig because as you know, Maiden fans are a fiercely loyal lot.

“I’d tell them, ‘Just get out there, and don’t worry about it. On this side of the pond [in North America], they often stay out tailgating and having fun when the opening act plays, it’s just the way it is. Just get out there and do it.’ And they did.

“George’s band, they’ve just gotten so good, the new album [‘Conspiracy’] is really fantastic. They’ve got so much melody in their music. I hope he got that from me! [Laughs] That’s the thing I’m most proud of.”

When asked about the group’s setlist on the current tour – which the fans have been raving about online – Steve revealed an interesting bit of info: that he wasn’t the one who came up with it. Harris commented:

“I actually didn’t come up with the setlist this time – it was Rod [Smallwood, manager], but I liked it right away.

“There’s some things that will be challenging for the audience, somewhat – longer, epic pieces and so forth. That makes it a little bit more challenging and interesting for us.

“But there are songs in there that people definitely want to hear – particularly on this side of the pond, where some of the more epic things weren’t quite as popular as they were in the rest of the world. It’s a strong, well-paced set and it’s enjoyable to play.”

If you’re interested in seeing the amazing new Maiden setlist and Steve’s boy opening the show, you can check out the upcoming Iron Maiden tour dates here.

Photo – 2018 Copyright JOHN McMURTRIE 2018 – Tallin Iron Maiden

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