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Paul Di’Anno Says He ‘Can’t Stand Doing’ This Iron Maiden Song

During a recent interview with Eon Music, former Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno talked about his 1978-1981 tenure with the band, during which he performed on the band’s first two records, 1980’s “Iron Maiden” and 1981’s “Killers.”

When asked about producer Wil Malone and his work the self-titled record, which “Steve Harris is famously unhappy with,” Di’Anno responded:

“No, and he’s not the only one! I love the songs, but can’t stand the fucking recording of it! It’s the overall sound of the thing itself.

“The songs are fantastic, but to do it any justice, it would have to be rerecorded, not remastered, rerecorded. Wil Malone, I think he was Mike Oldfield’s triangle engineer or something! It pissed me off; because it lacks.

“It’s like painting a picture that doesn’t give it its full glory, because that album, the songs on there are absolutely stonking. As a first album, it was brilliant, but the production just let it down.”

In between the first album and its follow-up ‘Killers,’ the band released the ‘Women in Uniform’ single, which Steve Harris also famously dislikes.

“Well, they [record label EMI] asked us if we’d do it, because I think at the same time, Skyhooks [the Australian band who wrote and recorded the original version of the song] were on the same label as us.

“I know Skyhooks, and I don’t think anyone else in the band ever knew them, but I’ve got family over in Australia, and I know them quite well. But I think it was a management and Steve Harris and EMI sort of decision to do it.

“But I hate the song as well, to be honest with you! I like it by Skyhooks, I don’t like it by us, and I tell you what, it’s a bastard to sing live! It’s a bit of a nightmare.

“I think we played it live a couple of times. I remember playing, I think it was Reading University or something that we played it once, when Steve and a couple of us looked over at each other, like, ‘Oh fucking hell’… It quickly got dropped!”

You can check out the upcoming Maiden live dates here.

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