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Code Orange: Our New Album Is More Relevant Than Anything Coming Out in Rock/Metal This Year. Period.

During a conversation with Kerrang Magazine, Code Orange drummer/singer Jami Morgan talked about the band’s upcoming album “Underneath”, due out on March 13 via Roadrunner.

The record was already announced with the release of the title track earlier this month. Jami commented:

“We want to grow and do things that bands from our world haven’t been afforded the opportunity to, which we have scratched and clawed our way to do so far – like Coachella. We’re gonna take those opportunities and swing for the fence; we’re gonna put it all on the line, and see where it can go.”

Focusing on the current state of rock and metal and Code Orange’s place in it, Morgan added:

“I think in rock and metal there’s a lot of great stuff, but there’s not a ton of stuff that feels super-relevant. I think a lot of older stuff feels more relevant now than some current stuff coming out.

“I’m not saying that about hardcore or extreme music, but in terms of something that cracks the surface – which I intend on doing – I don’t feel like there’s anything incredibly relevant in a way that’s not just trying to be a see-through cash-in attempt to co-opt what’s cool.

“This record isn’t that, but it’s more relevant than anything that’s coming out in rock and metal this year. Period.”

You can check out the upcoming Code Orange dates here.

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