About us

Rockifi is a new way for fans of Rock, Heavy Metal and Alternative music to connect before, during and after a gig.

At Rockifi we believe a concert isn't just about one night, it's about the build up, seeing your favourite band with friends, and reliving those moments afterwards. We want to create an environment for fans to discover new great Rock bands, post videos and images from the latest gigs, find a Gig Buddy for their next gig, or just hang out and post your favourite videos. On top of this there are prizes to be won every month for the best Instagram content tagged with #Rockifi - This is truly an app for fans of Rock by fans of Rock!

We have also partnered up with a selection of the biggest names in concert tickets so you can track your favourite bands and get notifications when tickets are available.

This is just the start of something special, we listen to all feedback and want to your help in shaping Rockifi's future. We've already implemented several features based on your collective feedback and will continue to do so if we receive the support of the wider Rock and Metal community!.

The spirit of Rock & Metal music

We firmly believe that rock & metal fans look after their own. Every member is unique & special (a Rockstar!) & members should treat every other member as such. We will not tolerate abuse or hatred in any form. You only get out what you put in, and we encourage members to create profiles that reflect their character & rock tastes and to socialize and participate as much as possible whilst being respectful to other member’s own preferences and wishes.